Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Supermarkets Make Me Want to Hurl

Supermarkets Are Disgusting

What goes down must come up - or something like that.  Puke.  I was in the supermarket today.  I woke up and had this huge craving for sausages which is really weird for me considering that I didn't eat meat at all before I got pregnant.  So I went down to the supermarket.

Is it just me or are supermarkets disgusting?  I never noticed this before.  In one aisle I could literally feel the sugar seeping through the candy, feel the fizz coming out of the luminous coloured soft drinks ( how the hell did anyone ever think that drinking something flourescent would be a good idea?)   And the smell - good lord, it's a mix of everything that shouldn't be put next to each other.

But the meat?  Despite the fact I was craving it, the meat counter almost made me hurl.  I felt my breakfast banana yearning to escape the acidy pits of my stomach.  All that once writhing flesh now neatly packaged plastic and ready for consumption.  Yuck.  The only thing I liked being near was the bread section and the fruit and veg.  Everything else just looked wrong...

My breakfast however - was delicious.

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  1. I never buy meat in the supermarket. I am sure you have a good butcher in the neighbourhood :-)