Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pregnant and Braindead

Brain Slipping Out of My Ears

I don't know about you, but my brain doesn't work anymore.  To the point that I bumped into some neighbours while out walking my dog the other day.  I have never been to her house, and she has never been to mine, and she suggested that we get together for cofffee.   Lizbet said to me, " What is the number of your house.?"  I said "14". She said, "Um, Alison, I live in 14."  At which point i said " Oh god, no, sorry, 9".  How embarassing.  Pregnancy strikes again.

At other times, I will be talking and completely forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence.  Like a thought has been pulled out of my head by some naughty imp.  Where does it go?  I now understand why the men of the 1950s thought that women were dumb, overly emotional and didn't like sex.  If you got married as a virgin and got immediately pregnant - your brain would disappear, you would cry over nothing,  and your sex drive would disappear completely.  Maybe that's where all this sexism came from. Just a thought.

But other embarrassing things I have done recently:

1) I burned a boiled egg and destroyed a pot. How you ask?  I left an egg boiling, completely forgot about it, and it was only once the smell got to me, that I realised all the water had evaporated, and the egg was black, burning and stuck to the bottom of the saucepan.  Bye bye saucepan. RIP.

2)forgotten someone's name who I have known for 20 years as I'm in the middle of a conversation with them.

3)) Repeated the same story over and over again like i'm 82. My Grandma used to do this.

4)) Stopped talking because I couldn't remember what the hell I was saying.

5)) Forgot appointments that I had made that same morning

6) Whilst talking on the phone, excused myself for a couple of seconds to answer the front door and completely forget that I left someone dangling on the end of the line. Just the way I like to make someone feel important...

Things friends have done ( I'm not the only braindead one - there's an army of us):

1) Got lost driving down their own street

2) Lost the car in the parking lot of the mall after shopping.

3) Been talking and suddenly fell asleep mid conversation

4) Bought a bunch of groceries, paid and left them at the store.

5) Left money in the cash point machine after typing in a pin number

6)  Paid all household bills twice in one month

7) Put ice lollies in the cabinet rather than in the freezer, and then realised only when they had melted and were dripping onto the countertop.

8) Misspelled  her own name on a form.


  1. Oh my GOD!!! Where have I been that I didn't know you were pregnant!!!! WOW!!! that's amazing news Ali (and Ron!) So you're due in November which makes you what about 20 weeks? How are you feeling now? So much to say!!! Let's Skype???

    BTW sad to say that forgetfulness and absentmindnessness doesn't leave you when they're born - I spelt my name wrong on Amelie's passport application recently!

    So happy for you.


  2. I'm only 15 weeks... so not quite there yet. Feeling a bit better - haven't been sick for 6 days ( woo hoo)

    Love it that you spelled your own name wrong.. excellent. hahaha