Monday, 14 May 2012

Pregnant Scary Trippy Dreams

Scary Trippy Dreams

    Now I know they saw that when you are pregnant you get really trippy dreams.  Well I have been having my fair share of them and they play like movies through my head.  Last night  I dreamt that i was driving  one of those monster trucks into a small town to drop off a package at Fed Ex.  I remember that by the side of the rode all the girls were in perfect little pristine dresses and the boys were all in slacks and sweaters with a shirt and tie underneath. All the grass on the lawns in front of the houses was perfectly manicured and the houses all freshly painted.  I drove further and found my building and went to drop off the package. When I came back I realised that the parking lot   had been blockaded.  I thought it was weird and a woman came up to me and said that they wouldn't open the gates until the next morning so I should follow her to find someone who could open it.  I followed her but then she disappeared into thin air.  I wandered around a bit until I found a place to rent a car.  When I walked into the car rental place there was this overly smiley shiney happy balding man who was making all sorts of excuses why I couldn't rent a car.  Apparently they had no cars left despite the fact that the parking lot was full of them and we were in a tiny town. He suggested I found the local B and B and come back the following morning. 

    Once I got outside a good looking guy came up to me.  I instantly didn't trust him.  He looked sly, playerish and I wasn't sure what he wanted.  He said to me, "Once you come to this town, you are never allowed to leave"  I walked past him thinking he was crazy.  He grabbed me arm and said " I have been here for four years. Let me guess, they told you to go to the B and B.  You will never come back if you step foot across the threshhold.  You will be trapped here."  

I pulled my arm away and said to him " I just need to get to my truck"  
He said " I bet it's not there."
I said " of course it's there"
He said " wanna check"  So we walked to the car park and it was gone.  
He looked at me and said " Do you have your keys"  I checked my pockets and they were gone.  I didn't know what to think or who to believe.  Did he steal them from me? Did the woman?  Everything he said had been true.  "I think it must have been impounded.  I'll get it tomorrow"

   He said " You can not go to the B and B.  Tomorrow, you have to make them believe that you want to be here forever, or they will never let you leave."  
    So we came up with this story that I loved the town, wanted to buy a house here and also wanted to bring a couple of friends to the town but I needed a car to meet them because I thought mine had been impounded. I would come back to get it. I had to tell them this at the car rental place.  After I told my story, the guy made a phone call at the reception desk, my wish was granted, I got my car and realised I was being followed by someone else.  I was totally paranoid.  Afraid they were taping every word I said in a secret microphone.  

That was when I woke up. 

What the hell does that mean?  Extreme paranoia?  I think I'm going mad. 

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