Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Old Wives Tale Test For Gender

What's The Sex Of My Baby?

This is just for fun.  Add up all the As and Bs

1.  Are you Craving :
a) Cheese, Meat and Salty things
b) Sugar, sweets and ice cream

2. Are you having morning sickness?
a) No i feel as right as rain
b) My new best friend is the toilet bowl

3. Is your face getting
a) thinner
b) rounder

4) Is the hair on your legs growing faster
a) I think I may need a lawnmower
b) about the same

5) How is your partner?  Is he: 
a) putting on a few sympathy kilos
b) about the same as before

6) Have you had any headaches
a) I feel like a victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
b) no headaches

7) Do you feel like you look more beautiful?
a) I have never felt so radiant
b) I look like I was dragged through a hedge backwards

8) Are you moodier than usual
a) No I'm pretty placid
b) What the hell did you just say to me?

9) What do you get when you add your age at the time of conception to the month  that you conceived?
a) an even number
b) an odd number

10) How are you carrying?
a) all weight out in front
b) weight across my tummy and on hips and thighs

Ok - so add them all up and if you get mostly A's you are having a boy and if you have all B's you are having a girl... well, maybe.... and if you  get half A's and half B's you are having a hermaphrodite.  Just kidding.

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