Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pregnancy Nesting

Get Your DIY Freak On

Ok, I have heard of this nesting urge, and I have got it bad.  You see this house above?  I found this on a real estate website and just know that it's mine.  How am I going to afford it?  No idea.  However.  This is my house.  Mine.  Miiiiiiinnnnnneeee.  I am obsessed by it.  It is beautiful and exactly what I want. I want to move in there with my pooch and my boyfriend and make it my home. My house isn't actually for sale, and we have no intention to move at the moment, but still, I know this house is meant for me. 

So many things are going through my warped preggo brain at the moment.  I want to paint my whole house, sand down the floors, buy new stuff, get rid of anything that doesn't match.  Actually i want to add a new floor to the house, and make loads of little tweaks.  My boyfriend is going away for a couple of weeks.  I have a feeling that in time yours truly will turn into a DIY monster.  I am dying to do it.  

Normally i hate cleaning anything, my boyfriend is the neat freak ( thank God) now this is changing.  I am actually starting to enjoy wiping down counters and cleaning off computer screens.  Anyone else with this disease? 

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