Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Epidural or no epidural?

Drugs vs No Drugs

Now I personally think whatever is right for you, is right for you and I don't judge anyone, one way or another. Waterbirth, homebirth, natural, natural with epidural, c- section, knocked out and woken up when the kid is 18, whatever.  Everyone has their own opinion and that is right for them.   However,  I think these two videos kind of summed it up for me and my motto is No pain.... No pain... :



Guess which one I will be doing - oh and I want gas and air too before the epidural.


  1. i had to do it the natural way.. and if i had ANY choice in the matter, i'd have chosen the epidural. no question. :)

  2. So glad you said that... good to know. x

  3. Honestly Alison, I have never met anyone who thought it was alright WITHOUT drugs...I´only had 7 hours of labour with Tatjana but I swear I dont think I would have made it without the Epidural...xxox Camilla

  4. In the Netherlands they believe in it all au natural and try to convince you to do it at home. Hence the reason I'm going back to the UK.

  5. im 38yo and 38week pregnant with my 4th baby...i've forgotten how it was to give birth..my 3rd is already 12yrs old...so its like my first. im so nervous and excited at the same time...i had all three with no meds at all..and il have this baby with none as well..luckily, i dont have any health problems so i could choose not to have any, il endure all the pain that comes with giving birth...and im looking forward to the reward of having him in my arms soon. God bless!

  6. Ah good luck with it. Anyday now!! X