Thursday, 21 June 2012

19 Week Technicolor Hippo

Happy Hungry Hippo

I knew all about exponential growth, but I thought about it more as a financial term.  Obviously I was wrong.  Very very wrong.  Well my own little wriggler is now happily kicking away - I'm 19 weeks, probably look bigger - I don't know I've never been a great bump gauger.  I have gained more weight than I probably should, but weirdly don't care. 

I can't believe I have my 20 week scan in four days.  Where has the time gone?  Ever since I stopped puking  like a bulemic every fifteen seconds, the time has flown.  I have noticed I am starting to walk differently slightly more like a drunken sailor who has just come ashore in search of grog, games and girlies.  Elegance be gone.  Fye upon thee.. Or something like that.  

So reality will strike, bumpkin will tell us whether it's a he or she, unless obstinately and prudishly  crossing it's little flipper like legs.

We will see.  I really really like riding my bike at the moment.  It makes me feel weightless as i whip around the streets. Because Holland is super flat ( you could literally roll a biro from one end of the country to another with one push) it makes a ride easy and non taxing. It's wonderful.  I am like the graceful hippo from fantasia. :) 

Me doing ballet

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