Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fine Not-so-Young Cannibal

Eating Bits of Yourself - Things That Make Me Go Ewwww.

I was looking at a pregnancy site, the what to expect at 19 weeks kind of site, and somehow ended up on the weird part of the internet.  I clicked on a link and suddenly was confronted by a car crash of an article.  It was entitled "Would you Eat Your Own Placenta."  It even has a name, placentophagia.  Now this is just too much for me.

I mean, seriously. After you have been huffing, heaving, pushing and squelching to finally have your little one slither out of you, do you really need to consume what follows?  There is natural and then there is just gross.    I know people who have taken the placenta home and planted a rose bush on top of it to commemorate the whole birthing event ( and then got really spooked when the plant was attacked by aphids and died... yes the sprog is fine and aphid free)  and I understand that, but eating it?  Yes, I know it nourishes the baby, has iron and hormones and there are all sorts of reasons why you shouldn't cut the cord immediately after birth to allow the placenta to pump out any final nutrients to the infant.  But do you really have to eat something that has just come out of your vajayjay?

 The article also gave a health warning.  Do not eat another woman's placenta.  Yeah - no danger there.  Seriously.  Wouldn't even cross my mind. Apparently it can transfer all sorts of diseases to those not used to the afterbirth of another person's immune system or lack therof.  Yuck.  Personally I've never really been into Cannibalism.  So, What happens? You say ' Oh my that was delicious and for desert I'll drink my urine, or maybe even someone else's.' 

Looking into it further, apparently you can get placenta creams ( good for baby rash), placenta pills ( good for iron) and all sorts of other bits and pieces.  Honestly though, I think I'll stick to kale and spinach. 

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