Friday, 8 June 2012

17 Week Pregnant Zombie - Lethargy Part II

Tiredness Monster Returns

I have no idea what happened.  I was feeling so great for two weeks.  No sickness ( almost), no exhaustion, all was well, and now - bang.  It's back.  I had plans to repaint the bedrooms, sand things down, and basically become a DIY goddess.  It's not to be.  I've had to hang up the paint brushes and crawl back into my jammies.  I'm exhausted, hormonal and pissed off.  Ron is away, and all my friends live in a different country. I thought the exhaustion and nausea was supposed to go away by now?  Where is the proverbial glow and feeling of wonderfulness and energy?  Or maybe it's an environmental thing - the crappy weird weather in the middle of June is not helping.   Apparently the signs at 17 weeks that you are supposed to have are:  

1. Increased Appetite ( for me - no)
2) Heartburn or indigestion ( yes - or nausea)
3) Headaches ( no)
4) Backaches ( yes and they suck)
5) stretch marks ( Thankfully not yet)
6) Flatulence ( great)

Oh pregnancy is such a joy...I am being an utterly crap mom to my pooch.  Yesterday he got a walk around the block because I didn't have the energy to do it properly and it was raining.  I am waiting for him to come up to me put a collar around my neck and take me out for a walk to make sure that he gets a proper one. Poor  thing. Ugh.  

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