Thursday, 14 June 2012

How's Junior?

Which Rugrat?

Raffi - my first baby

My friend called me and said ," How's the little one doing".  

I said "which one - cooking one or furry one?"
" Furry."

It does get confusing sometimes.  My pooch had a fever and wasn't well over the last couple of days so I've been duping him into eating narcotics by stuffing them into cheese.   ( At the moment you could probably do that to me as well.) He's ok with the pain killers - not so great with the antibiotics.  If I don't get it right he just spits them out onto the floor. 

But interesting turn... I think this is really the first time I am thinking about my little alien as it's own separate entity rather than as a vomit inducing extension of myself. 

Actually I've started to notice that I'm no longer calling it my little alien  when I'm speaking anymore. It's turning into something cuter.  So I hereby christen it Bumpkin - well at least for a few more weeks anyway. 
Bumpkin  is starting to move around a bit more.  I get the occasional wriggle here and there.  So I guess it is making itself more apparent. I am looking forward to the 20 week scan so I can stop calling it, well, "It" and it's got a bit more of an identity. 


  1. Oh, no.. what's been up with the furry one?

  2. he had a fever, and fluid on his lungs. I was really worried. The vet gave him some drugs and he perked up a lot, I think I'll take him back into the vet again tomorrow because he's finished his course and I want to make sure it's all gone.