Friday, 20 July 2012

Things that go Bump in the Night

 Bump that goes Bump in the Night

 I almost 24 weeks pregnant, 16 more to go, and I can't wait until it's over.  I am now a massive eater.  I went from eating like a normal person at 20 weeks to a rabid carnivore at 24 weeks (I used to be mostly veggie).  But, the more meat I eat, the more heartburn I get,  so vegetable hunting I will go, and it's easier, veggies don't run as fast and are easier to catch.

As for my Bump he is wriggling a lot, moving around, doing judo practice and jumping jacks. He likes to say goodnight and has an entire calesthenics routine to show off with.  I have insane back pain to the point that I can't roll over in bed without lightening shooting down my spine to my legs. The physio is very nice but pretty ineffectual, that seems to go for most of the people I meet in relation to pregnancy here though.  The midwives here in the Netherlands are the same and do precisely nothing. They literally take your blood pressure, weigh you, squish your stomach a couple of times and push you out the door.  No routine blood tests, urine tests, to measure protein, sugar and dehydration nothing.  So they are pretty much useless.  I have no idea what they are paid to do other than smile and squish.  

If you are in the same position as me, and have ineffectual health care providers, you can ordered your own dip sticks yourself - 100 for 8 pounds ( 14$)  from Amazon.  Thank God I ordered some, I found out  I was really dehydrated.  I thought I was drinking enough... clearly not.  It would have been helpful if I had known this before because I have only recently had a kidney infection and I really don't need another one. 

I have friends who keep on saying they  miss being pregnant.  I definitely will not have that problem.  What is fun about it?

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  1. oh, god. i DO NOT miss being pregnant, at all. esp the last month, month and a half. heavy, couldn't sleep at night, didn't have heartburn, but just about everything else. i am not good at waiting for things either, so when Monkey was 2 weeks late, i was going out of my friggin mind. The last few nights, had to try to sleep on all fours, because i would get pre-contractions if i tried to lay down... I DO NOT MISS IT!!!!