Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Obese People, I Salute You

Obese People, I Salute You

Ok, so what do you get when you cross a hippo with an elephant and make it waddle like a penguin?.......... Me. 

I am 24 weeks pregnant and am really not loving being this fat.  Getting out of the bathtub is a particular delight.  I make sounds like this  Uuuuuuuungh.  Waddling through department stores and feeling the little heart beats in my toes is no picnic.  I am bored of being out of breath because I just rolled up to the deli counter to get a sandwich.  

I now look at fat people everywhere and wonder how the hell they do it.  Their feet must kill them and their backs must hurt.  Mine do.   It's really uncomfortable being this large.  You sweat more because it takes a ton of effort just to move around.   When your thighs rub together as you walk like a penguin it's no fun.  I feel like one of those Russian dolls that has a whole bunch of other little russian dolls inside. Well, I have one anyway...

So give the morbidly obese a little bit of respect and say a prayer for them as they order their third Big Mac of the day or knock back a litre of chocolate milk,  because every time they stand up and walk to the fridge it's like a gym work out.  It's knackering being massive.

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