Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kids Who Poo Money

Abracadabra! And Now For My Next Trick.

My step daughter Emma is here for three weeks and she and her dad were upstairs playing.  All of a sudden I hear Thump!  Followed By Ahhhhh!and then both Ron and Emma marching downstairs.   Ron looked a bit panicked and Emma was crying.  Emma came, wrapped herself around me and sobbed.  I looked at them and said 'What's happened? '  He said, 'Emma swallowed a Euro and I think it's stuck.. It's hurting her throat.'  Emma was pretty hysterical by this point in time and  I said, 'Ok, if it still hurts we'll take you down to the hospital, but just so you know, I'm not worried and I think that it's going to come out by itself.' Realising she wasn't going to die she calmed down a bit and clung on to me.

Down to the hospital we went, Ron driving a little faster than normal and hitting the bumps, which in turn hit my little wriggling bump and made it squirm even more. 

I said 'Emma, out of curiosity, how on earth did you swallow a coin'.  It turns out that Papa was doing magic tricks, hiding the coin and then pulling it out from behind her ear and doing basic slight of hand stuff, and then Emma decided that she wanted to be a magician too and to make a coin disappear, so she put it in her mouth, lost her footing, fell over backwards and swallowed it. Haha. "Well", I said, " You succeeded, you are a magician and you made it disappear."

We went to the hospital they gave her some slimey custard and some liquid that looked thick like cough syrup and it slithered its way out of her esophagus and is now being cleaned by the hydrochloric acid in her stomach.  We are waiting to see the new and improved Euro soon.

We official now have the only kid who poos money.  I wish I could....

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