Sunday, 8 July 2012

How Not To Be An Idiot Around Pregnant People

Weird Things People Say and Do When You Are Pregnant

The other day I was at a get together, and an older woman was there whom I have met a couple of times before.  She asked me if I was pregnant.  I said I was.  She asked me if it was a boy or a girl, I said it was a boy and she said... wait for it..... "In the Netherlands we say that if you are having a boy your husband is a lazy lover."  And then gave a little smile.  This was her only comment. What the HELL.

Now luckily I didn't say it, but while I smiled at her, wishing her instant death and for the ground to open up and aliens to come out, ripping the flesh off her body and consuming huge chunks while she watched in horror still alive, before finally slaying her with a double aged serrated blade covered in a mixture of itching powder and poison, and  dragging her soul down to an eternal hell, I thought "Funny that, in the UK we just say congratulations."  Insulting old cow.

Now I posted this on my facebook page and had a lot of friends comment to say how weird and rude this was, but a couple of them said that they had similar experiences.

One friend who has four really cute little boys, had a woman say to her when she announced she was pregnant with her fourth boy, "God bless you,"  like it was some kind of curse to have boys, and then looked at her in a pitying way.  Nice one.  Way to make someone feel good. 

Another said, "So you are about five months pregnant?"  my friend said yes.  The woman said, " Oh I know someone who just miscarried at five months."  What a twit. 

Another had a random strangers come up and ask to rub her belly ( maybe she  thought a genie would come out and she would get three wishes).  Christine just said, " I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat, so no you can't." hahahaha.   

She said to me, "The thing is, why do total strangers think it is ok to go up to someone they have never seen before and grab their stomachs.  If it was the other way around and I grabbed someone's non-pregnant belly, they would call the cops for assault and harrassment. "

So when dealing with a really hormonal pregnant woman who is probably more than a little sensitive.  If you don't know her - don't assume that her bump is public property, and if you do know her, ask first.  It's really inappropriate to grab people's body parts without their consent. That's what molesters do. 

Also, don't say loads of crass, stupid things.  Be polite or leave the room.  People are idiots, and I have come to expect that.  Don't be one of them.

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